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"When I saw Matson's images I was blown away. Erase from your mind any notion of pixels or any grainy artifact of previous digitalization gear. Instead imagine a painter who could, like Vermeer, capture the quality of light that a camera can, but with the color of paints. That is what a scanner gives you. Now imagine a gifted artist like Matson exploring what the world looks like when it can only see two inches in front of its eye, but with infinite detail! In her flowers one can see every microscopic dew drop, leaf vein, and particle of pollen—in satisfying rich pigmented color." (From Kevin Kelly's Introduction) [Link]


Art and Mind

Have you ever been moved, delighted, fascinated or disgusted by a work of art - and wondered why? Have you ever wondered why you like that song? Why that film? That Play? That painting? And have you ever pondered the power of the religious impulse and the strength of the mythological stories that seem to hold such meaning for us human beings?

In recent years scientists have begun to unravel answers to these questions. Using new scanning techniques we can now look very closely into the workings of our brains. And we are beginning to see exactly what is happening when we experience a work of art. [Link]


The Art of Future Shock

It was a typical muggy August night. Kolin Pope was mucking around online, as usual, and his neurotic dog Alex was barking at nothing in particular.

He heard a knock at the door, followed by a muffled conversation between his mother and the visitors, and then received the message that would launch him into a strange, sometimes surreal world.

"Kolin," his mom says, "there's someone here for you. They say they're from the future."


Pat Fleisher

Toronto photoartist PAT FLEISHER presents a series of large digital duo giclees titled "Urban Narratives" which strive to capture the dynamic, evolving energy of Toronto and New York city streets at CANTINE RESTAURANT | GALLERY @ 138 Avenue Rd, (S. of Davenport), January 1-31, 2005. Reception to meet the artist, Sun. Jan.9, 5 -7 p.m.


ArtFocus Magazine

CityArt Magazine founded in 2004, is the follow-up to ARTFOCUS MAGAZINE founded in Toronto in 1992 by Pat Fleisher, independent publisher/photoartist.

The Ego Machine

Life after death and the Virtual Ego Machine. As our lives are more entwined with the digital realm, so our consciousness too will become cybernetic. 
David Sullivan 


Tips for collecting art online

One of the best gifts that anyone could buy is an original work of art from a living artist. It enriches your life in ways you never expect.
Bob H. Miller

Tiny takeoff on Christo 
proves gateway to glory

2005/03, 2004 


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