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The Art of Future Shock

It was a typical muggy August night. Kolin Pope was mucking around online, as usual, and his neurotic dog Alex was barking at nothing in particular.

He heard a knock at the door, followed by a muffled conversation between his mother and the visitors, and then received the message that would launch him into a strange, sometimes surreal world.

"Kolin," his mom says, "there's someone here for you. They say they're from the future."


Pat Fleisher

Toronto photoartist PAT FLEISHER presents a series of large digital duo giclees titled "Urban Narratives" which strive to capture the dynamic, evolving energy of Toronto and New York city streets at CANTINE RESTAURANT | GALLERY @ 138 Avenue Rd, (S. of Davenport), January 1-31, 2005. Reception to meet the artist, Sun. Jan.9, 5 -7 p.m.


ArtFocus Magazine

CityArt Magazine founded in 2004, is the follow-up to ARTFOCUS MAGAZINE founded in Toronto in 1992 by Pat Fleisher, independent publisher/photoartist.

The Ego Machine

Life after death and the Virtual Ego Machine. As our lives are more entwined with the digital realm, so our consciousness too will become cybernetic. 
David Sullivan 


Tips for collecting art online

One of the best gifts that anyone could buy is an original work of art from a living artist. It enriches your life in ways you never expect.
Bob H. Miller

Tiny takeoff on Christo 
proves gateway to glory

15:31 12/05/2004

3D Art Surrealism Pictures

3D Art Surrealism Pictures
George Grie presents digital artworks, fine art paintings, prints, and free wallpapers.

15:31 12/05/2004

Space Scapes

Cecil Herring is a painter, sculptor, wearable art designer, jeweler, photographer and digital artist. She was born in Miami and now lives in Central Florida not far from Spaceport USA. Her works are mostly abstract - space related, although she also works in the portrait, floral, figurative, still life and landscape genre.

Artist's Statement on Digital Art

"I started making digital art in 1988, 16 years ago, before there were color printers! We had to use the main frame at the college I studied at and the professor said it would cost $50,000 to buy a color printer with all the colors!
I said "go for it!" We've come a long way!

I had always been an experimental artist. Art and technology together have been my dream since the 60s when I was a space writer-photographer covering the Apollo Moon Program. I saw art in those rockets!

I say, give technology a chance to help create the art! Then, 'chance' or randomness becomes a part of the work. I like a piece of art to look like it created itself, be an artifact.

Each medium has its own message. I have taken that approach to digital art, welding, plastics forming, painting, casting, photography, electroforming, and clothing design.

I have found it offers a way to give me unique images that can combine all art media, even writing and photography. Mainly it's a wonderful mental medium, sensitive to my feelings like no other medium. I still paint and create sculpture but now I find myself going back to my Mac all day (and night) long, working through new ideas and creating new works!"

9:44 11/08/2004

3D Millennium 
3D Textures, models,tutorials and lots of other free stuff.

9:26 10/18/2004

The Art Fix
The Art Fix is an electronic venue of free and alternative promotion and distribution of art and literature. It is not a representing art agency. We don't charge fees for promotion; we don't sell, or get commissions for the sales of artwork, books, bobbleheads, washing machines, kitchenware or puppies resulting from our efforts.

13:08 10/07/2004 

Creativum Gallery
Michael P. Ammel (the P. stands for Peter) is a "digital artist" from Germany, now living with his family in Sete, Southern France. He is mainly an autodidact who came from painting, sculptering and photography into the field of digital image creation. A natural way for him, that offers unlimited ways of expression. He feels like being just an "image maker" who uses a wide range of technologies to cross new boarders and communicate his messages, with finally a simple and the most common "code" to our species - the IMAGE. Digital Art is therefore an unlimited space for new thoughts without the typical, often static frames. For Michael there seems to be a wide common concept between painting, music, dance and even photography, its the form, the light, the color, the rhythm and the emotion. Humor and irony, with a special regard to our "real life" are often the base of Michaels photo montage and collage. Political and philosophical aspects do play a role in many of his images. As a longtime "fractal generator" he loves to integrate this small miracles into his images.

8:56 10/07/2004

The Museum of Computer Art
MOCA is one of the most heavily-trafficked, comprehensive, frequently-updated and respected computer art museums on the Web. It tries to keep abreast of the latest and best in computer art. Both beginning and advanced artists frequently visit here, if only to see what the competition is doing. We expect it is a learning experience for artists of all skill levels, and for the viewing public as well.

11:53 2/24/2004

The Webism Group
The Webism Group of World Wide Webists was founded in November 2003 by Pygoya and Ingrid Kamerbeek in November 2003.. Webism is a movement where the primary medium is the Internet and the Web.
The Webist Art Movement

10:24 2/19/2004

My contribution to Pygoya's Mars Project.

18:56 1/27/2004

Digital Postage Stamp Project for 2004

Stamp Gallery

From: Parys St Martin

Each artist to design one postage stamp size image.

Each artist to send me one copy by email so I can display it on my website with links.

Each artist to send 1 copy of the same stamp by mail (yes, that snail mail way) to every other artist involved, and then the stamp is to be placed in a stamp album with the date it was received and from whom. 

The more artistís involved the merrier, as I see this project going on for the whole of 2004 and then if possible the stamp album can be set in a gallery space or even in a Post Office as an exhibit at the end of the year.

Please email me if you are interested

And thank you to the webists who have already contacted me.











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